To live vintage is to represent the ideas, themes and inventions from the good old days­ in the
contemporary times. It means to be inspired by the tangibles and intangibles of the past.

As life evolves and progresses by the moment, some things will remain timeless. There was a
time where things did not fall into so many standards or codes. Wood was solid, not
compressed, there was less use of plastics. Things were not overly produced.

The standards of craftsmanship and design have changed in many markets, and the world has
become a place of oversimplification and complexity all at the same time. In some ways, it
seems to have become a place where some of the character has been lost.

We are part of the movement to bring back the quality and craftsmanship of vintage products.
It is our intention to take this philosophy and bring you our ideas made with the quality,
originality and the attitude of the past.

Live symbolically. Live originaly. Live with character. Live Vintage.

Our art is handmade in limited quantity. We make sure each piece is properly crafted to
our satisfaction and standards. We woth with the finest materials and never sacrifice
quality or skip steps.

Our products are designed and hand made with fine
quality in our Los Angeles Studio.